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X-Trail - Anti-Dust & Fog-Resistant Face Shield

X-Trail - Anti-Dust & Fog-Resistant Face Shield

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X-Trail - Where Safety Meets Innovation

🛡️Recommended by Safety Experts

✓ Clear vision with our anti-fog coating
✓ Lightweight and easily adaptable
✓ Tailored for prescription glasses wearers
✓ Comes with 20 dust filters
✓ Protect yourself from dust, wood chips, grass, and metal particles.

X-Trail - Anti-Dust & Fog-Resistant Face Shield

⚠️Safety & Clear Vision in Any Weather

Experience seamless visibility with our Face Shield's cutting-edge anti-fog technology, allowing you to work without disruption in any conditions.

X-Trail - Anti-Dust & Fog-Resistant Face Shield

🚧Your Complete Protection Against Particle Threats

Guard yourself against dust, wood chips, grass, and metal particles with our Face Shield.

Providing sturdy full-face protection, it ensures your safety while you focus on your important tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Face Shield protect me?

The face shield provides full-face coverage, effectively protecting against foreign aggression, oil, dust, particles, and flying debris.

Additionally, it features 5-layer dust filters for enhanced protection.

How frequently should I replace the filter on my Face Shield?

The frequency of filter replacement depends on several factors, including how often you use the face shield and the level of exposure to contaminants. Regular usage in environments with higher levels of contaminants may necessitate more frequent filter changes compared to occasional use in cleaner environments.

As a general guideline, we recommend monitoring the condition of the filter regularly and replacing it when it becomes visibly soiled, damaged, or when it no longer provides effective protection.

Can I wear glasses with the Face Shield?

Yes, the face shield is designed to accommodate the wearing of glasses or protective eyewear underneath, ensuring clear vision and comprehensive protection.

Can the Face Shield be reused?

Yes, the face shield is reusable and can be easily cleaned and disinfected using mild soap and water or common disinfectants, allowing for multiple uses.