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SunIndigo Bird Bath

SunIndigo Bird Bath

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Love birds and dream of having your own Heaven garden?

This amazing fountain will bring these beautiful creatures inside your garden and help them cool off on sunny days, while you can enjoy the paradise they create.

Create a bond between your house and nature

SolarIndigo Fountain brings a peaceful and calming outdoor atmosphere while establishing a sustainable sanctuary for birds and humans alike.

Luxury with no cost!

Powered by sunlight, this water fountain eliminates the need for batteries, preserving the environment while providing you with a luxurious and serene oasis that will connect you with our beloved nature.

Easy to install and maintain!

It can be easily placed on any water surface, such as ponds, pools, or birdbaths, without the need for cords or electrical outlets. With its simple design, it is easy to clean and maintain over time.

Bring peace and beauty to your home today!

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  • Available in 2 sizes: Small 13cm (5.1in) / Large 16cm (6.3in)
  • Material: ABS+PE
  • Water spray height: 30-60cm
  • Solar panel: 1W single crystal silicon
  • Maximum pump flow: 180L/h
  • Note: Needs to have direct Sun exposure