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Neck & Shoulders™ X2 Pro Massager

Neck & Shoulders™ X2 Pro Massager

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X2 Pro Massager - Where Discomfort Ends

  • 🩺 Clinically Approved Relief!

    Discomfort becomes a distant memory

    🎯Muscles Targeted Relief

    🔥 Therapeutic Heat Therapy

    🩸 Enhances Blood Circulation

    The Neck & Shoulders™ X2 Pro Massager can be used to target the back, shoulder, and neck muscles for relaxation, recovery, and pain relief.

  • Unstoppable Force 💪

    With 6 massage modes, 2 speed strength levels, and equipped with a 2000 mA battery, the X2 Pro Massager will enhance your blood circulation, alleviating pain as you seamlessly continue with your daily tasks.

  • Neck & Shoulders™ X2 Pro Massager - APE'S HUT -

    💆‍♂️ Your personal masseur

    Treat yourself with the luxurious relief provided by our groundbreaking massager.


👨‍⚕️ Recommended by Orthopedic Specialist Doctors

• Wireless Convenience
• Rechargeable 2000 mA Battery
• Targeted Massage Areas: Neck, Back, Shoulder
• Infrared Heating
• 6 Massage Modes
• 2 Strength Levels
• Removable and Washable Cover
• Auto Shutdown Feature

Neck & Shoulders™ X2 Pro Massager - APE'S HUT -

Neck & Shoulders™ X2 Pro Massager

💆‍♀️Endless hours of RELAXATION

Beyond mere physical tension relief, this innovative device acts as a natural stress-buster, triggering endorphin release and reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Neck & Shoulders™ X2 Pro Massager

📈Technical Specs

• 2000 mA Battery Capacity
• 10 Watts Power
• USB-C Rechargeable
• 6 Massage Modes
• 2 Strength Levels
• Infrared Heating Technology
• Removable and Washable Cover

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Neck & Shoulders™ X2 Pro Massager suitable for travel?

Absolutely, the compact and wireless design, coupled with the USB-C rechargeable feature, makes it convenient for on-the-go relaxation during travels.

What is the expected battery life on a full charge?

The 2000 mA battery provides a substantial battery life, ensuring several sessions of relaxation on a single charge.

Can I adjust the massage intensity?

The massager offers 2 strength levels, allowing you to customize the intensity according to your preference.

Is the massager suitable for all neck sizes?

The Neck & Shoulders™ X2 Pro Massager is designed to accommodate various neck sizes. Its ergonomic and adjustable design ensures a comfortable fit for users of different body types, delivering a personalized massage experience.

Is it easy to clean?

The massager is meticulously crafted with hygiene in mind. The removable and washable fabric cover ensures easy cleaning, maintaining a consistently fresh and comfortable experience