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Haunted Bloody Mat

Haunted Bloody Mat

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Does the Haunted Bloody Mat actually change color when wet?

Yes! This is the only bath mat of its kind that actually changes color when wet with water.

How do I return my Haunted Bloody Mat to its original white color after it turns red?

It's easy! Simply hang the mat to dry, and it will return to its original white color. Once dry, it's ready for reuse, and you can set up the next spooky surprise with your Haunted Bloody Mat. Enjoy the endless Halloween fun!

Unleash the Haunted Bloody Mat Prank

Get ready for the spookiest Halloween prank ever! Imagine a regular white bath mat, but when someone steps on it, it magically turns bright red, just like blood. As they walk on it, it looks like they're leaving a trail of creepy bloodstains behind. It's the ultimate Halloween trick to give your friends a big scare!

Haunt them with this prank

Watch how your friends freak out within seconds when they realize that the mat they're standing on appears to be bleeding.


This thin plastic roll that reacts with water, color changing effect turns the wet footprints into blood-red stains.

Watch as your unsuspecting victims leave behind their own trail of bloodstains, creating the ultimate Halloween prank that will leave everyone talking!